• Is Social Security income taxable?
    Tax implications are important to know
  • How much more can I collect by waiting to file?
    You can develop a strategy with your spouse
  • How much of my spouse’s benefits am I entitled to?
    This applies to living spouses, divorcées and widows
  • How do I maximize the survivor benefits for my heirs?
    Understand why you have the opportunity to pass on a benefit
  • Exactly how much Social Security income will I receive monthly?
    The most important question you can ask and we can answer
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As a retiree, you’ll be reliant on a fixed income. Unlike before, you can’t increase your paycheck by working overtime or qualifying for a bonus; now you’re solely responsible for your own income. All of my clients understand that I’m here to help and that they have full access to my staff. During our initial meetings, we go through a financial review and identify revenue streams. You’ll create your own paycheck based on your different accounts, investments and other sources like Social Security. You’ve been paying into Social Security for decades. I make sure you collect the maximum amount possible now that it’s the government’s turn to pay you back. I don’t leave a penny on the table and I help you understand the strategies we’ll use, together.

First we’ll determine the eligibility of you and your spouse and calculate deferment gains if one or both of you were to wait to collect.

One mistake people make is collecting right away, in which case you’re kissing 50% of your benefits away. A lot of people also fail to realize that based on their birthday, they can earn up to 8% more every year they wait. Then there are long-term factors that we consider, like how we look at your combined benefits to maximize your lifetime Social Security income, make sure we’re minimizing the taxes on your Social Security income and ensure your survivor benefits are being taken advantage of fully.

At Big State Financial, nothing is more important than ensuring you never outlive your savings. We take your decisions seriously and as your financial advisor, go out of our way to help you understand each step in the process so that you can make educated decisions with the goal of protecting and growing your assets. For your free financial review and Social Security optimization, complete the form above and let’s get started!

2020 Social Security & Medicare Quick Facts

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Learn how you can determine your Social Security Full Retirement Age, the New 2020 COLAs, what the “Hold Harmless Rule” may mean to you, and much more.